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Musical Products Sdn Bhd has been manufacturing pianos since 1972. Musical Products Sdn Bhd is now the only company in Malaysia engaged in this finely crafted industry. Due to the expertise and experience in piano manufacturing, Musical Products Sdn Bhd has attracted well-known foreign piano companies to license their products for its local production.
The following brands are manufactured under license :
Brands Licensor Country
1) Challen
2) Barratt & Robinson
3) Witton & Witton
Chas.H.Challen (1804) Limited
Barratt & Robinson (1877) Limited
Barratt & Robinson (1877) Limited
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom

These pianos are sold in domestic markets as well as exported to 25 countries around the world. The high quality pianos manufactured by Musical Products Sdn Bhd has attained high international regards. Over the years, these recognitions have earned the company various international awards, including the latest ' Best Import Piano into U.K.' in year 1995.

Mr. Dietrich Heinrich Dotzek, born September 9, 1935 in West Germany and studied up to high school level, began traditional German trade education in Bremen to become a piano tuner cum technician at the age of 15. Examined as such after 3 years, including trade school attendance, he was to be possessed with the highest possible references.

Besides being the designer of the patented C.Steinbert piano design, which also includes the renowned Challen, Barratt & Robinson and Witton & Witton brands, he is currently the President of the Euro Piano Union based in Germany.

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